Kitchen Store Day One

I have a lot going on today. Mainly a lot of thoughts in my head but not a lot of physical actions or tasks to take. However, in an hour or so I have to go to the giant kitchen store. Which will take much of my energy as well as some medication to help me regulate myself in an over stimulating place.  I call the kitchen store a giant store because it is not just one store but lots of kitchen stores all in one place. All under one roof. I’ll call it the kitchen park where people can go and view lots of different types of kitchens. It is amazing to me how many different kitchens and configurations of kitchens that there are. So many variables and combinations of kitchens. It’s mind boggling but I am looking forward to organizing the ones I like in my head and ignoring the kitchen designs I don’t like.

I prefer minimal design. Preferably no handles on the cabinets or drawers. I like when you just push on them a little bit and they pop open. I also want light colored kitchen counter tops preferably in a natural stone and I want the cabinets and drawers to have lights when they open. I would like a neutral color cabinet with a mat finish.  One thing I have to have is a sprayer at the sink, and maybe an always on hot hot water tap.

It’s 11:29 right now and the kitchen park is 40 minutes away by car. I need to eat some food before I go and I want to get there after the lunch rush if they have such a thing. I’m curious as to what other people’s experiences have been shopping for a kitchen. Both neuro typical people and autistic people. I should note that I am not going to the kitchen park by myself. That would be too much of a stretch for me. I am going with my partner who is the main driver behind getting a new kitchen. As much as I would like to stay home, I am also interested in seeing the kitchen as a product to buy as opposed to a product that I have only used. If I could describe the kitchen, I want in one word it would be ZEN.

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