Third Day No Kitchen Store

Technically this should be day three of kitchen shopping but we spent a few hours in another kitchen store, kitchens that were made in Denmark, and we pretty much found what we wanted so we canceled the other kitchen store appointment that was set for today. I was happy that we canceled. I’m really sick of looking at kitchens. I did have to pull my energy and myself together around 1:30 and meet a contractor at 2 in the new apartment. This was the third time I had seen the apartment. Twice when it was on the market for sale and once after we put an offer in on it and our offer was chosen. The entire apartment needs to be redone. Right now, there is an old kitchen and old bathrooms and that’s it. The walls need to be plastered and the floor needs to go in and we are putting in a brand-new kitchen, brand new bathrooms as well as some steel and glass doors. Most of the work will be done by a contractor but I think we will do some of the demolition and some of the painting. That will help to keep the costs down. I want professionals to do the kitchen installation and the floor and bathrooms. The place will look great once it is done. About me… I have found these last three days extremely challenging to the person that I am. Having to interact with different people in different settings has worn me out. Plus, the amount of time it takes to talk about a kitchen and either draw it by hand or make it in the computer sucked up the whole day. It did not take long for me to check out of conversations and have my mind wander to other thoughts. It is especially boring to talk about kitchens over and over I am thankful that we found one that we really want. My stomach is a little off and I have only been eating once a day. That usually happens to me when I have to interact and I don’t have a lot of time to prepare. The truth is even if I do prepare myself by imagining the day I still wind up with an upset stomach and a little dizziness. I am very exhausted as I write this and I am wondering when I ca stop writing about this. Maybe now is a good time to stop. Maybe take a short nap before dinner.

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