Up Too Early

I was in a pharmacutical drug induced sleep last night but I slept terribly. I woke up at Five got out of bed and went on the couch. I spent the last one and a half hours trying to set up a new Instagram and delete an old one. I never figured out how to delete the old account. I am too tired, the screen is blurry, and I’m most likely typing 10 words a minute. I woke up with a John Mayer song in my head and it has yet to vacate the premises. I don’t mind the song being there it is just very repetitive which normally I like but this morning I have to think about other things. This morning I have to go to the floor store and return a sample of the floor that is going into our new apartment. It’s going to look great. It’s a light wood color and it will be laid in a herring bone pattern. At first, I did not like the herring bone design but I have grown fond of it these last couple of months. As long as the pattern tones are varied it should be ok. We have another record heat day today. I love it but I can see other citizens struggle against the heat. They are not used to it. It’s 8:43 the morning went by fast. Going to prepare myself to go to the floor store. I hope these drug after effects go away soon I can barely see straight. Have a pleasant day.

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