So Confussed, I’m Dizzy

This is like day five of trying to learn WordPress. It is overwelming at the moment. I had to take some medication, Xanex to calm down so I could focus better. You should know that I am not a big proponante of medication however, sometimes it helps me to not spin so far out that I waste hours or sometimes awhole day trying to regulate body and emotions. And sometimes medication does not work on me. I’m not sure why that is. It is not like I have built up a tollerance its just sometimes nothing happens after I take the medication and I spin out for the worst. I also take medication to help with being over stimulated. That works most of the time although if I have to ride public transportation, go out to a resturant or a place where there are lots of people it does not feel like it really works. With that said those environments would be not doable without the medication. Now that I’m thinking about it. I can do many things and “deal” with many diffrent kinds of environments without medication. I did this when I was younger. However, I was always worn out and if I had to particapate for any long periods of time I was chronically fatigued. That used to happen alot and it was before my Autism diagnosis. I just thought I was a weird sickly person who was not capable of particapating. I was dignosed later in life and since the dianosis I have had great occupational therapy. I have come a long way, or so I am told. Most of my therapy has been about getting me to embrace who I am with all the stimmng and routines. I was in a nuero typical world for so long I never developed myself in a healthy way. That’s the way I see it now. If I have to move funny, if I speak strangly or I stim for long periods— That is just me being myself and taking care of myself. I kinda got off topic. I will eventually figure out the wordpress world and there are lots f places to turn for help (actually too many places) I think that WordPress has a steep learning curve at the begining.

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