Finally, I Made The Site Live

I have been working on the site for a while, but it has not been live on the internet. I had one more thing to do and I did it. So now I am launching the site. Seems a little anti climatic, but then again, I am the only one of two people that know the site exists. My curiosity is peaked to see if I will have any followers in the next few months. Everything seems to function on the site however, not all of the CSS changes that I made took effect. I made changes to some of the colors in the text but not all of the changes worked.

I’m taking a trip today it is about one hour and thirty minutes from my house. I booked a session with a healer person two weeks ago so I gave myself adequate time to prepare for the trip. I have a process that I take myself through when I go on even a short trip.  I prepare a list of everything I will need to bring with me on the trip. I had to add my phone charger because the battery in my iPhone only lasts about thirty minutes. Today, I am taking public transportation so I need to get the times for the tram and the train coordinated and I have to figure out ahead of time what platform I will need to go to get on the train. I can use google maps or a public transportation app that I have on my phone. Both can be a little confusing.

(For a short trip) I start to visualize getting from my home to my destination. I try to imagine what it will be like based on my past experience or things I have seen in movies. I have done this trip once before so I really only need to recall the last trip. I get the trip in my head and then I try to imagine, within reason, things that could happen to alter my trip. Like a train being late or I get a little lost. I used to try to imagine every possible scenario but that usually gave me too much anxiety and it took a long time. In therapy I figured out that I only need, for the most part, to see in my head things that I could do incase my trip does not go the way I planned. Don’t panic if a train is late, ask someone for help if I need to. The second one is still hard but I know it can be the best way forward. If I do get overwhelmed, I put my Bose noise cancelation headphones on instead of my earplugs and I wait somewhere away from people. I know now that no matter what I will eventually get home and I can always reschedule a meeting if I cannot make it there that day. I do have a much more detailed strategy for coping with travel but I think it would be too long if I wrote it all down. For now, you know the basics of what I do when I travel. I am interested in what other people do. How do you prepare for a trip? Do you have different coping strategies for long and short trips? Are there things that you always pack with you when you travel? Do you travel with lots of objects or do you like to travel lite?

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