I Haven’t Felt Like Writing

Hello everyone, I have not been able to write anything for a few days. Just haven’t felt like it. My rhythm at home got switched around once my partner came back from a trip they were on. I am really happy they are back but it takes a few days to transition and find a familiar rhythm again.

It is a very gray day today. It is like one large flat cloud covers the landscape. I can hear the occasional car going by outside my apartment. I prefer it when the cars have a regularity to their sound. Either constant sounds or no sound. That is why I like late at night, no cars. Right now, it is every few minutes with the occasional scooter thrown in. Also, I really don’t like those days that it is so dark in the middle of the day that you have to turn a light on. The clouds are so thick today that it is blocking out the natural sunlight.

For the last few weeks I have been taking medication to help me fall asleep and stay asleep. Even with the medication I was only getting five to six hours of sleep so the doctor wanted me to stay on it when I was asking to go down on the dosage. However, over the last two nights I got eight and ten hours of sleep. The doctor said that when this happens it is an indication that I need to start cutting back on the medication. I will see them this Friday. I will be happy to cut back on the medication. Eventually, I will stop taking it all together.

I have been taking care of plants that are not mine. Currently, I don’t have plants that are my own. But I made a promise to take care of two small trees, one small green plant, one succulent and six very small cactus. I seem to have good luck with plants. They seem to like me because one has come back from looking dead and the others are flourishing under my care. Besides giving them water, I send them positive energy each day and I occasionally talk to them. One of the small trees has a branch that is getting so tall I had to tie the branch to another branch to keep it from eventually breaking.

I have spent some of the time I took from writing to read about SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Right now, I am just writing to put things into my blog but over time I will have more directed posts on a specific subjects’. Apparently, the more specific the post is and if it has the proper key words the easier it is for the search bots to find it. Does anyone have any specific advice about SEO? Please let me know in the comments. That is all for now. Please have an amazing day!

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