About Brilliant

Brilliant is a website for me, Jameson an autistic person, and for you, who ever you are. I like to write and chronical parts of my life that I find interesting or that I want to explore. I like writing about ideas or about life on the autistic spectrum. I want to share with other people who are on the spectrum and also with people who are classified as neuro typical. I made a few attempts at getting Brilliant off the gound before. All those attemps failed with the exception of this one. I think I am finally ready to put in the work and effort into writing and keeping a blog current. I hope you enjoy readig about parts of my life and I encourgae you to share parts of yours with me. Feel free to ask me questions or comment on what I have written.

About Me

My name is Jameson and I am an autistic person. This is where I will write about things that I find interesting or important. Maybe you will find the writing interesting or maybe you will find the writing not interesting at all. Either way it’s okay with me.

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