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Chapter #1 Atomic Habits

Getting Started with Atomic Habits The basic premise of the book is to help people see that building healthy habits incrementally over a lifetime can create a great life. Summary of the Introduction: In the introduction James Clear tells of his high school experience of being accidentally hit in the face with a baseball bat.… Continue reading Chapter #1 Atomic Habits

Hopefully a Happy 2021.

First- a little backstory from the waning months of 2020. A few weeks after I published my Covid 19 post I wanted to get another post published. Actually, I was thinking I could get another two or three posts published before the end of the year. However, each time I sat down to write I… Continue reading Hopefully a Happy 2021.

Being Autistic and Covid 19

Hello Everyone, I have been wondering how other autistic people have been dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. At first, I was really worried about going out of my house but I used the time to look at the crisis from a few different perspectives. One of those perspectives was looking at the crisis as an… Continue reading Being Autistic and Covid 19

I Have to Force a Break

Sometimes I wish I had a switch on one side of my ribcage that I could turn myself off or go into a sleep/ hibernation zone to recharge. Yesterday was an eventful day. I wound up having to do more things than were on my list and I pushed myself too far. I was buzzing… Continue reading I Have to Force a Break

So Confussed, I’m Dizzy

This is like day five of trying to learn WordPress. It is overwelming at the moment. I had to take some medication, Xanex to calm down so I could focus better. You should know that I am not a big proponante of medication however, sometimes it helps me to not spin so far out that… Continue reading So Confussed, I’m Dizzy

Still Working On It…

As the title says, I’m still working on the website. WordPress gets a little easier the more you use it but I tend to forget what I just did. Like make a change to the footer and then I can’t remember how to find the footer when I need to make another change. It will… Continue reading Still Working On It…

Up Too Early

I was in a pharmacutical drug induced sleep last night but I slept terribly. I woke up at Five got out of bed and went on the couch. I spent the last one and a half hours trying to set up a new Instagram and delete an old one. I never figured out how to… Continue reading Up Too Early

I’m Really Sick Of This

I have been trying to get my WordPress theme to do what it says it can do however, I keep running into issues. Change your WordPress theme to another you might say. There are lots of them. I know that WordPress offers many themes but I like the one I have. I just don’t know… Continue reading I’m Really Sick Of This

Kitchen Store Day One

I have a lot going on today. Mainly a lot of thoughts in my head but not a lot of physical actions or tasks to take. However, in an hour or so I have to go to the giant kitchen store. Which will take much of my energy as well as some medication to help… Continue reading Kitchen Store Day One