Well, it’s Fall

Fall officially started on September twenty third and that was over a month ago. The trees in the park next to my house have just started to turn color and fall from their branches. It looks nice for a little while but when it rains the leaves start to stick together and inevitably begin to rot. It is fine when this happened on the grass or wooded areas but when it happens on the walking and biking paths it gets slippery and stinky. Once all the leaves have fallen the park service people try to clean up the walking and biking pathways.

I have never considered myself a winter person. I prefer the long light days of summer, warm temperatures and lots of sun shine so I can where t shirts, shorts and my Birkenstocks. As the summer turns to fall I find myself getting tense and wishing for just a few more weeks or even days of summer.  This year was the best summer I have had in years. Unfortunately, I think the unseasonably warm days are part of climate change and global warming which is not great. As October sets in I feel desperate in not wanting to let summer go but by November I have completely surrendered to all things dark and cold with wind whipped rain and ice. Throughout these dark times I take a vitamin D supplement each day and sometimes I sit in front of a daylight balanced light that sits on a table or the floor. I find that it helps to bring my energy up and combat seasonal depression. I still get depressed though but maybe not as deep. I also have to start to phase out my daily iced coffee because it is too cold to drink in the winter mornings. One benefit I get in the winter is that I can get to bed early because it gets dark so early. This is nice because I get more done in the morning than I do in the afternoon or evening so I like to wake up early.

For 2023 I am thinking or maybe just wishing that when the winter has its full grip on my environment let’s say like the middle of February. I thought it would be very nice to go somewhere warm for two weeks. I will have to do some research to figure out low-cost options for travel in February. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I am going to start working on a blog post for next week but I will leave you with this image. It is the first ever image on my site. I thought it was funny. I purchased this card for my partner. She likes cats.

Bye for now,