Well, I am still here…

To say I have not written for my blog in some time would be an understatement. During the holidays I worked on a post. I finished it but never posted it. It would be weird to do that now as all the holidays are over and it is the middle of January. 

Last year I left my project (Working through the book Atomic Habits) at the end of chapter four. There are twenty chapters to the book. Even though I did not finish the book there were a couple of things that I wanted in my life as good habits and I was actually successful bringing them into my life. 

Exercise & Change My Diet

I showed up every day to exercise in my house. At first, I could only do basic exercises and not too many reps. The first day I struggled to do six pushups, ten sit ups and twenty squats. All without any weights. As of today, my workouts consist of many different exercises. I can do sixty pushups, around one hundred and fifty sit ups and eighty to one hundred squats. I also added hand weights. This year I plan to join a gym, or buy some weights to use at home. The latter is more preferable however, I don’t really have the space for a weight set at home. Another amazing thing that I added to my routine last year was power yoga and barre classes. I joined a yoga studio after we came out of lockdown from the Covid-19 pandemic. I was going six days a week and then we got locked down again from the Omicron variant. This really sucked and because the government locked down in stages meaning: first things closed at 20:00. I did my yoga at 17:30 each day so I was not affected by the time, but we have a number spaces to put our yoga mats on and the studio went back to a socially distanced space. That meant the time slot that I always got was now not in the same place in the studio room. I had two weeks’ worth of classes that I needed to change my spot number and that was a real hassle. It took me a couple of hours to work out. Then the government shut everything down at 17:00 so I lost all my classes because they were at 17:30. I spent a long time getting myself enrolled in daytime classes which was difficult and then a couple of weeks later the government shut all work out studios, restaurants and non-essential stores down completely. No more yoga. I tried a few online yoga classes but I didn’t like doing yoga at home. Now for the good news. Sports and fitness studios have now opened back up and I am back to doing my yoga practice. I am still waiting for restaurants to open again and for things to be not so strict.

The other thing that I successfully did last year was change my diet. I had to do this for health reasons and it took a lot of mental power, but I have been successfully eating a vegan diet. I will occasionally have salmon or a white fish, but for the most part I have kept to the diet. I lowered my sugar and caffeine intake, cut alcohol completely which sucked because through the first lockdown my partner and I were mixing our own cocktails and that was fun and I like whiskey drinks. However, I feel much better in my body now and it was worth the investment in the diet and exercise. I was also successful in dropping my weight by fifty pounds and I did a three-day juice cleanse and a five-day juice cleanse which was a great reset for my body. So, my diet and exercise were a couple of the new habits I want to make part of my life and so far, it is working out. I don’t think I would have been successful if I did not start the Atomic Habits book. I want to get back to working through the book and I have a few new habits that I would like to have in my life for 2022. One of my goals is to post more on my blog. I am working now to figure out a system to help me do that. As for 2022, I am feeling cautiously optimistic about the year. Write to me or leave a comment. Tell me how your 2021 wrapped up and how you’re feeling about 2022. Speak with you soon.